Combining video, e-enhancements, graphics, and images to deliver result oriented training

With ready access to industry experts and a vast library of video and technical information on a variety of subjects, BMI has become the leading resource for unique, sophisticated, and customized online training solutions. Clients use BMI to develop sales training programs and technical training courses for architects, builders, code officials, and their own employees. We develop online training academies using a mix of streaming video, e-enhancements, graphics, and images to provide lively, entertaining education, allowing students to learn at their own pace independent of time or location.

BMI creates successful training, whether classroom-based, online or blended, relying on a clear and accurate understanding of audience needs and how education and training can address them. The BMI Team creates new training and uses existing sources, supplemented by primary research (i.e., surveys, interviews, and focus groups) to cost effectively assess audience needs and address specific learning gaps. We use this information to inform curriculum development, learning methods and environments. Our curriculum development projects follow established best practices for instructional design and adult learning principles with a flexible approach to meet the goals and budget of each individual project. With years of experience in developing training for construction sectors, we are constantly reviewing leading-edge educational practices and incorporating them to meet client expectations while retaining the most critical elements that ensure curriculum and corresponding training programs produce the intended results.

As an Internet-centric education company, the BMI Team specializes in offering blended learning solutions that combine multiple formats to meet training goals and participant needs and preferences. BMI has built thousands of training modules that utilize the four key elements described in the SOW as new courses, e-enhancements, short tutorials and webinars. Based on our experience – and referencing the terms of the RFP – the team foresees the creation of at least four, distinct delivery formats for the new online training program:

Courses eligible for professional accreditation

1New courses

2E-enhancement” of existing curricular material

Alternate educational content

1Short tutorials – suitable for a variety of platforms


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