Online learning management and delivery

  • There are hundreds of learning management systems available on the market as stand-alone systems, Software as Service (SAS), and even free open-source varieties. But the development of a truly successful online system for education purposes requires a high-degree of distance-learning expertise, database development experience and an intimate understanding of the target audiences. Too often, web-based distance training and tracking systems are driven by the technology requirements of the delivery medium, as opposed to the end user experience. BMI believes that user interface and ease of use supersedes all other requirements and should define the scope and capacity of the Learning Management System. 


  • To reflect this priority, BMI exclusively develops LMS’s for the design and construction community and places responsibility for managing the project in the hands of an end-user specialist who is overseen, by both the lead database developer, who manages the development process, and by a construction-savvy instructional design expert who provides overall program guidance.  It is through this conduit of learning-focused end-user project oversight, as well as educational priority, that all BMI LMS’ are designed, programmed and implemented.


Foundation Elements

  • The BMI LMS platform has been designed from the ground up to be simple to navigate and easy to use. It is stable, scalable and user-friendly, and ideally suited to host and deliver training to various audience groups.  Over the past ten years, BMI has delivered over one million online continuing education credits via this customized LMS. Security, registration, access, delivery, assessment, and certificate printing are all integral to the LMS.  The BMI Team employs dedicated staff to provide any needed customer support via email or real-time over the phone.


  • BMI LMS’ are customized specifically to meet customer needs and stakeholder audiences, and offer stand-alone, community-based experience, hosted on a dedicated platform.  They are designed to be flexible and to expand and evolve over time with the addition (or subtraction) of modular features and components.  The LMS can be configured with an easy to navigate, single entry point for classroom-based registration so it can seamlessly integrates with classroom training partners.   The LMS can be designed to deliver online training in a variety of formats, depending on the type of information to be delivered, the capabilities and the knowledge base of the target audiences.


Enhanced User Experience and Full Customer Support

  • BMI LMS’ are developed with wide-ranging system analysis capabilities in place.  In collaboration with customers and stakeholders, the BMI continuing education team will design and produce all necessary forms, documents, on and offline user manuals, and other supporting material to successfully launch and maintain the LMS during and after delivery. In addition, BMI can provide full support to students for the live in-person training through opt-in email functions and 9-to-5 live phone access, as well as providing monthly reports for tracking and monitoring. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, BMI will manage and maintain ongoing updates in content and the technology (i.e. browser & operating system upgrades) required to deliver up to date training, secure and maintain proper licensing of content and software, and follow security protocols for site vulnerabilities. 


Hosted Solution – Website Updates, Redesign, Maintenance

  • Once approved and launched, the BMI LMSs are hosted and maintained on the BMI continuing education edge server network.  The servers are hosted and maintained in a secure server farm based in Seattle, Washington, which provides industry-leading up-time and state-of-the-art equipment.  The web-face interface of the LMS is designed using simple HTML programming so it works within all common browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, and will be built as responsive web design (RWD) to work within all major mobile App browsers.  The LMS requires no special or additional software installation so it can play on any local computer with internet access.



  • The BMI team guarantees the highest level of service with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.  The standard minimum service level of up-time is typically 99.5% on a monthly basis.  Scheduled system maintenance happens off-hours for minimal impact.  Scheduled maintenance will be communicated one-month prior to the repair date.  All data is backed up and encrypted at AES-256, then transmitted and stored off site on a daily bases using DIVINSA. The data is stored at Amazon’s S3, a world class secure facility, located in Reston, Virginia. The data is available 24x7x365 from any location using a secure user name and password via the backup client side software.  SSL encryption is applied to all login and user information change functions to ensure data transfer is secure. 


Making Room for Future Innovation

  • The continuing education environment is changing at a dramatic pace.  With the advancement of mobile training, CEU’s can be earned anytime, anywhere, on any device.  The BMI education team built and delivered the industry’s first CEU mobile application.  With over 5,000 downloads it is the farthest reaching application for the architect and engineer community.  BMI LMS’ are developed so they can be easily converted into a mobile app where content can be viewed on any device, with CEUs recorded and maintained on the LMS system mainframe.  In addition, standard upgrades can be made to production LMS’ to keep pace with new, upgraded browsers and other technology releases that will require the LMS to function across a broad range of platforms.    
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