Initiation, design, development and delivery

BMI has an established track record of building structured learning platforms and certification tracking systems to advance construction knowledge for a range of trades and industry associations.

Building Media has adopted and refined several projects, using a detailed project management methodology process that is specifically tailored to e-learning programs designed for the construction industry. Our approach to project management is based on clear communications from the project team, to the client, to the internal production staff and through final delivery. This open communication methodology is designed to minimize risk by engaging the stakeholders in the entire process from start to finish. Our project management process has been used in virtually all of our projects – from basic to complex – and has resulted in a streamlined production work flow process that results in a quality project.

BMI’s backbone process breaks out into four primary production phases:

1Initiating. At the initial phase, the BMI Project Manager and end-user specialist consult with stakeholders to discuss the strategy, logistics, technical requirements, and other relevant topics in order to develop the Project Charter – a high-level scope document that clarifies the key elements of the certification program and outlines features and functionality. This phase Includes the project kickoff and initial planning meeting.

2Designing. Building from the scope definition document generated through collaboration with our clients, the BMI Project Manager and the production team work closely with stakeholders to solidify the core design and functional elements of the certification database. Tasks at this level include development of functional processes and finalization of wireframes and design templates.

3Development. Database development is a multi-step process that requires detailed coordination. The BMI backbone process identifies the key dependencies and necessary review required to keep production accurate and on schedule. At this phase the development team works in concert with the end-user specialist to ensure all functionality requirements are met. Key deliverables include alpha site, beta site and sophisticated testing protocols.

4Launching. Project launching is initiated upon successful implementation of the beta test and as final design treatments are approved. Final source code is adapted and the site is publically launched to the end-user stakeholders. At this phase the project manager delivers:

  • Completed Closing Checklist
  • Lessons Learned: post-mortem
  • Variance Analysis of scope, budget, and schedule
  • Schedule and maintenance protocols


BMI's adherence to this backbone process incorporates an iterative review process that insures work progresses with continuous input from stakeholder. It guarantees the proper direction and final accuracy of training systems we provide, and allows delivery within the defined budget and schedule.

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