• BMI Training systems can be coded to report user statistics and to capture feedback needed for accreditation and certification. BMI can develop post-training review surveys and feedback features designed to provide insight into the efficacy of distance education and training. In addition, continuing education tracking components can be designed to report and track time spent on a website, progress through courses, and provide certification to a number of agencies, including the New York State Department of State, American Institute of Architects, New York State Education Department, Building Performance Institute, and other professional certifying CEU’s and activity as needed and directed our partners. 


  • The continuing education components can be customized per user to capture specific data and offer a complete and detailed history of all courses and users as accessible through the administrative functionality of developed training.  Using a combination of Google Analytics, WebTrends and the built-in functionality of our customized LMS, user reports can be created to capture course completion information, site attendance, test results, and other information helpful for learning analysis. 
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