The BMI team has a broad depth of experience creating online educational materials and will confidently produce a robust and cost-effective training program that meets your needs

In designing training, BMI will:

  1. Collect, review and analyze any relevant, existing training programs, tools and resources.
  2. Identify content needs/gaps that are not currently being met by these programs and services.
  3. Identify a suite of training materials that these gaps and complement, reinforce and extend existing material.
  4. Develop an instructional roadmap for developing and deploying new material to the target audiences. 
  5. Create the agreed-upon training materials – courses, tutorials, Webinars – in accordance with the proposed production schedule.
  6. Arrange registration for all eligible accreditation courses.
  7. Deliver the online courses, tutorials, webinars, etc. in accordance with the instructional roadmap. 
  8. Monitor and evaluate the reception and impact of all the online courses, tutorials and webinars developed and deployed.
  9. Implement updates to individual courses or tutorials in response to user input and feedback.

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