Combining virtual and classroom training elements

  • When it comes to designing and delivering a blended learning approach, BMI is unique in its capacity to deliver a combination of carefully coordinated , vibrant, peer-sharing, online and classroom training material designed to meet the needs of specified learning communities.  Utilizing a web-content management system (CMS), learning management system (LMS), and scheduled webinar and classroom seminar training, BMI is able to blend all elements and deliver training that provides a combination of flexible access learning with invaluable hands on training in a comprehensive information ecosystem.  By leveraging content deliverables that work across multiple outlets, such as using blog topics and newsletter clicks to determine webinar topics, the BMI Team economizes the cost of production and puts value into richly produced content and training.


  • Blending training delivered through webinars, discussion forums, blogs, newsletters, live conferences and labs increases participation and insures high impact training delivery to a variety of audiences.  Webinars provide a unique platform for delivering online content, specifically because they “build-in” real time opportunities for student/teacher interaction.  The BMI team delivers robust webinar registration and delivery systems as part of their blended learning programs.  Webinar can be recorded and archived on the website as a permanent resource for program trainees.  The BMI team also delivers comprehensive event scheduling and tracking of live events and participation.  The combination of all training elements in this blended approach creates a comprehensive educational experience certain to engage learners and produce impactful training results.


  • In delivering training to a blended learning audience, the BMI Team gathers compelling content, drawn from a combined rolodex of over 12,000 contacts across the entire construction and compliance community. Our work with associations and energy offices includes ICC, NYSERDA, CEC, DECO, SECO, BCAP, NYSBA, NYSBOC, AGC-NY, and dozens of others.  The BMI Team maintains direct channels to subject matter experts, as well as photo and video assets through publishing and editorial work with all the major construction magazines, newsletters and blogs such as Architectural Record, Home Energy, Remodeling, Builder, Journal of Light Construction (JLC), Fine Homebuilding, GreenBuilder, Energy Design Update and more.  BMI’s work with materials manufacturers such as Dow, DuPont, Panasonic and CertainTeed, provides a feedback loop as new products enter the marketplace. Additionally, relationships with ICC’s connect designers and builders work with code compliant solutions offers our Team further evaluation services.  Finally, the BMI Team’s work on energy-focused websites such the DOE/Building America Solution Center, Green Builder College, and GreenBuilding Advisor, keeps us in the vanguard of digital content creation and distribution.
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